Welcome! You can find soups, cakes, snacks and much more in a healthy and portuguese way. Only for your well being!


About Me


Welcome to Wellicious. This blog is where you can find my love about food and at the same time about photography. I grew up with my grandma and mum between pots and pans. It is where I love to be.

I am graduated in Communication and Multimedia and I work as freelancer.

Sure you can find me in markets and mini markets.

I cook every day and make up some recipes with what I have in my cupboard.

Love chocolat. Hate brussels sprouts.

Although I like to cook, I like to eat. A lot.

I will share with you all what I cook and eat that nature give us in a healthy way. For our well being.

My daily meals, tips, experiences and much more. In a simple and easy way.

Have a wonderful day,

Joana x


Fell free to ask me anything!